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Love Travels At Illegal Speeds
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Released: 13 March 2006

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Highest UK Chart Position: 24

Chart History


CD Cat. No. 350 5192
Ltd CD+DVD 354 1342
Double Vinyl 350 5191
CD Promo COXON 02

Other Countries & Formats
Japanese CD TOCP-66525
Japanese reissued CD WPCR-50379
Taiwanese CD+DVD 3556862

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone / EMI Records
Japan: Parlophone / Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
Japan reissue: Warner Music Japan
Taiwan: EMI Records Taiwan


Bayeux Tapestry
An influence for the cover artwork? Comet Halley in the Bayeux Tapestry (1066).


   01. Standing On My Own Again
   02. I Can't Look At Your Skin
   03. Don't Let Your Man Know
   04. Just A State Of Mind
   05. You & I
   06. Gimme Some Love
   07. I Don't Wanna Go Out
08. Don't Believe Anything I Say
   09. Tell It Like It Is
   10. Flights To The Sea (Lovely Rain)
   11. What's He Got?
   12. You Always Let Me Down
   13. See A Better Day

Bonus DVD contains:

Live at Goldsmiths College, 22 Jun 2005:

   1. You Always Let Me Down
   2. Spectacular
   3. Girl Done Gone
   4. Don't Let Your Man Know

Live at KOKO, 16 Jul 2005:

   1. Standing On My Own Again
   2. I Can't Look At Your Skin
3. Freakin' Out

Track by track interview

 Bonus tracks on the Japanese CD are "Click Click Click" and "Livin'".

Liner notes:

Words & music by Graham Coxon. Produced by Stephen Street. Engineered by Cenzo Townshend. Pro Tools by Tom Stanley.

Performed by Graham Coxon except:
Simon Clarke of the Kick Horns: flute on track 10. Stephen Large: Vox continental on track 12. Roddy Lorimer of the Kick Horns: trumpet and flugelhorn on track 4. Sean Read: organ on tracks 5, 8 and 11. Louis Vause: piano on tracks 4 and 13. Claire Worral: backing vocals on tracks 5 and 9.

Artwork by Graham. Design by Alex Hutchinson. Photograph by Pennie Smith.


Live tracks performed by Graham Coxon, Stephen Gilchrist, Toby Macfarlaine, Sean Reed and Owen Thomas. Filmed and edited by Katie Harris and Richard Harris for High Horse Productions.

Interview by Tony Hale. Filmed and edited by Jai Stokes.

Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo / Picture 3:4 / Running Time: 88mins / Disc Type: DVD-5 (1 disc) / E- Exempt from classification.

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