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The Golden D
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Released: 12 June 2000

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Highest UK Chart Position: 81


CD Cat. No. 527 024 2
Vinyl 527 024 1 (12*)
Reissued CD 5270242
CD Promo GOLDEN 001

Other Countries & Formats
US CD 27024-2
US CD Promo unknown
Japanese CD TOCP-65465
Japanese reissued CD WPCR-50375
Download (from 2005)

*Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Transcopic / EMI Records
US: Transcopic / Caroline Records
Transcopic / Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
Japan reissue: Warner Music Japan


   01. Jamie Thomas
   02. The Fear
   03. Satan i Gatan
   04. Fame And Fortune
   05. My Idea Of Hell
   06. Lake
   07. Fags & Failure
   08. Leave Me Alone
   09. Keep Hope Alive
   10. Oochy Woochy
   11. That's When I Reach For
My Revolver
   12. Don't Think About Always

Liner notes:

All tracks written by Graham except track 4 Roger Miller and track 11 Clint Conley.

All tracks performed and produced by Graham.

Engineered by Ben Hillier, assisted by Ed Chadwick and John Coler.

Programming and arranging by Ben Hillier and Graham Coxon.

Recorded at Matrix and Mayfair Studios in the early 2000.

Mastering by Bunt at Townhouse Studios.

Cover painting and illustrations by Graham Coxon.

Design by Graham Coxon and Alex Hutchinson.

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