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The End of the F***ing World 2
(Original Songs and Score)

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Released: 8 November 2019

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Highest UK Chart Position: did not chart in Top 100


Double Vinyl Cat. No. 0190296867620

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Graham Coxon


   01. Down To The Sea
02. Dining Room Stand-Off
03. Madder Than Me
04. Mash Potato
05. A Better Beginning
06. Bonjour, Monsieur
07. Bonnie The Kid
08. Hat
09. Beautiful Bad
10. I'll Race You Home
11. Layby Eyes
12. This Time Tomorrow
13. She Knows
14. Something Sweet
15. Wedding March
16. Fly Away
17. Threw It Away
18. Why Are You Crying?
19. Meaner Than The Sea
20. Vale

Additional releases:

* "She Knows" / "A Better Beginning" 12" promo

Liner notes:

Written, performed and produced by Graham Coxon. Mixed and edited by Sam Okell. Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios.

Full liner notes coming soon.


  • The series and its trailer feature Graham's cover of the Billy Idol song "White Wedding", but for some reason it isn't included in the soundtrack. The lyric video for the song was released on Netflix's YouTube channel on 20th December 2019.
  • Total running time: 48:24

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