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The End of the F***ing World
(Original Songs and Score)

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Released: 26 January 2018

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Highest UK Chart Position: did not chart in Top 100


Vinyl Cat. No. GC1 / 0190296957925

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Graham Coxon


   01. Walking All Day
   02. Angry Me
   03. Flashback
   04. In My Room
   05. Bus Stop
   06. The Beach
   07. Saturday Night
   08. On The Prowl
   09. It's All Blue
   10. The Snare
   11. Lucifers Behind Me
   12. Field
   13. She Left The Light On
   14. Roaming Star
   15. Sleuth
   16. There's Something In The
 Way That You Cry

 Pre-orders included an instant download of "Walking All Day".

Liner notes:

All songs written and performed by Graham Coxon. Additional vocals on track 1 by Essy Syed.

Produced by Graham Coxon. Mixed and edited by Sam Okell. Mastered by Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios.

Original artwork by Charles Forsman. Design and layout by Stars Redmond
. TV series music supervisor: Matt Biffa.


  • The soundtrack was done by Graham Coxon in his home studio in the summer of 2017. The process was very quick according to him: "There were days where I wrote and finished three or four new songs in a single day. It was mental, I've never worked to that kind of schedule before. But the creative process around observation and interpretation is one that is very familiar to me. I feel very comfortable reacting to things and adding my bit. And this show particularly appealed to both my appreciation of dark music as well as my dark sense of humour. It felt like a good fit."
  • Some of the track titles were renamed just before the release:
    • "Beach 2" to "The Beach"
    • "Car Garage 2" to "On The Prowl"
    • "Detectivez" to "The Snare"
    • "Lost Mutantz" to "Lucifers Behind Me"
    • "Morning Star" to "She Left The Light On"
    • "Television Cop" to "Sleuth"
  • Total running time: 42:20

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