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Crow Sit On Blood Tree
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Released: 6 August 2001 (UK)

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Highest UK Chart Position: 131


CD Cat. No. TRANCD 010
Ltd Double Vinyl TRANLP 010 (12*)
Reissued CD 8631512
CD-R Promo (1st) TRANCDPROMO 010
CD-R Promo (2nd) TRANCDPROMO 010

Other Countries & Formats
International CD 06660 170244 2 4
Japanese CD TOCP-65868
Japanese reissued CD WPCR-50376
French CD Promo unknown
Download (from 2005)

*Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Transcopic Records
International: Transcopic / EMI Records
Transcopic / Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
Japan reissue: Warner Music Japan
Transcopic / EMI Records France


   01. Empty Word
   02. I'm Goin' Away
   03. All Has Gone
   04. Burn It Down
   05. Too Uptight
   06. Big Bird
   07. Tired
   08. Hurt Prone
   09. Bonfires
   10. Thank God For The Rain
   11. You Never Will Be
   12. A Place For Grief

 Japanese version includes an enhanced section featuring short films for "Burn It Down" and "Bonfires".

 Limited Double Vinyl version includes
a free print signed by Graham (limited to 1,000 copies).

 On the 1st pressed UK CD-R Promo, the final track "A Place For Grief" contains a sample from the film Letting in the Sunshine. The sample is not present on the final album version of the song.

 Five minimal, low budget short films were made to accompany the LP. Shot and produced by Graham and Helen Potter, the films each have an album track as a soundtrack. Visit
Graham Promo Videos for more details.


Liner notes:

Written, performed & produced by Graham.

Engineered by Ben Hillier.

Recorded at Zed One Studios, Camden.

Mixed at Mayfair Studios, Primrose Hill.

Mastered by Bunt at Townhouse Studios.

Illustrations by Graham.

Design by Alex Hutchinson.

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