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Cracker Island

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Released: 24 February 2023

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Highest UK Chart Position: 1

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CD Cat. No. 5054197213212
Vinyl 5054197199738
Ltd Transp. Purple Vinyl 5054197213151
Ltd Neon Purple Vinyl 5054197213168
Ltd Neon Purple Vinyl "Assai Obi Edition"
Ltd Neon Pink Vinyl 5054197213175
Ltd Light Pink Vinyl 5054197213199
Ltd Plum Red Vinyl
Ltd Zoetrope Vinyl
Ltd Vinyl Picture Disc 5054197527418
Ltd Vinyl Picture Disc "Assai Obi Edition"

Vinyl Box Set "Deluxe" 5054197174865
Ltd 7" Box Set "Collectors" 5054197273513
Cassette "2D" 5054197221842
Cassette "Murdoc" 5054197221835
Cassette "Noodle" 5054197221859
Cassette "Russel" 5054197221866

CD 5054197213212
Vinyl 5054197199738
Ltd Neon Purple Vinyl 5054197213168
Ltd Neon Pink Vinyl 5054197213175
Ltd Light Pink Vinyl "Spotify Fans First"
Ltd Ruby Red Vinyl 5054197345265
Ltd Wine Red Vinyl 5054197199738
Ltd Violet Vinyl 5054197334832
Ltd Vinyl "2D" 5054197334863
Ltd Vinyl "Murdoc" 5054197334825
Ltd Vinyl "Noodle" 5054197334849
Ltd Vinyl "Russel" 5054197334870

Asian Countries
Japanese CD WPCR-18581

Other Countries & Formats
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* Available in HD and standard quality.

Record labels:

Parlophone / Warner Music
US/Canada: Warner
Japan: Warner Music Japan

Tracklist (CD and digital):

   01. Cracker Island
   02. Oil
   03. The Tired Influencer
   04. Silent Running
   05. New Gold
   06. Baby Queen
   07. Tarantula
   08. Tormenta
   09. Skinny Ape
   10. Possession Island

Tracklist (vinyl and cassette):

   01. Cracker Island
   02. Oil
   03. The Tired Influencer
   04. Tarantula
   05. Silent Running
   06. New Gold
   07. Baby Queen
   08. Tormenta
   09. Skinny Ape
   10. Possession Island

* Bonus tracks on the "Deluxe" digital edition: "Captain Chicken", "Controllah", "Crocadillaz", "Silent Running (2D Piano Version)" and "New Gold (Dom Dolla Remix)".

* Bonus track on the Apple Music / iTunes version is "Silent Running (2D Piano Version)".

* Bonus track on the Japanese version is "Crocadillaz".

* Priced at 60, "Deluxe" box set is exclusive to the official Gorillaz webstore and includes:

* Peach pink vinyl and CD

   * "Cracker Island" 7" single

   * The Last Cult notebook

   * Five art prints

   * Poster, ribbon and sticker sheet

* Priced at 160, "Collectors" box set includes ten 7" singles. It is limited to 2,000 copies and exclusive to the Gorillaz webstore.

Special vinyl editions:

* UK/Europe/Worldwide: Transparent purple and light pink vinyl are exclusive to the Gorillaz webstore; Neon purple vinyl to indie record stores; Neon pink vinyl to HMV, JB Hi-Fi and various other stores; Plum red vinyl to Amazon.co.uk; Zoetrope vinyl to Blood Records (limited to 8,000 hand-numbered copies); Assai Records editions include an exclusive obi and are each limited to 500 hand-numbered copies; Picture disc is limited to 4,000 copies and was initially exclusive to the UK Gorillaz webstore.

* US/Canada: Neon purple vinyl is exclusive to indie record stores; Neon pink vinyl to Target; Ruby red vinyl to Barnes & Noble; Wine red vinyl to Amazon.com; Violet vinyl to Hot Topic; "Spotify Fans First" edition is limited to 4,000 copies; Band member picture discs are limited to 1,000 each.

Liner notes

Credits in the album booklet.

  • For this album, 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel relocated to a garden house in the hills above the Silver Lake, Los Angeles. There they started their own cult, The Last Cult, with Murdoc as a leader.
  • According to Damon Albarn, the album's songs are set in different utopian islands. Cracker Island was The Last Cult's 'promised land' where they planned to travel.
  • Another title considered for the album was The Static Channel.
  • The album started off in late 2020 as the second season of Song Machine web series. Co-produced by Greg Kurstin and Remi Kabaka Jr, the recording took place mostly in Los Angeles in early 2022.
  • During the album's making, Veikko's Blur Page gathered comments made by the people who were involved in the project.
  • The album was premiered on 23rd February 2023 at London's PRYZM, where Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett were in conversation with Alan Carr.
  • Damon originally wanted Julian Casablancas to sing on "Oil".
  • "Silent Running" is based on an old demo and is the first track Damon recorded with Greg Kurstin.
  • "Baby Queen" is about the crown princess of Thailand, who was a special guest at Blur's Bangkok gig in 1997. "I had a dream about this princess very recently; she'd grown up and we spent time in my dream together, her as a woman," Damon told Los Angeles Times in 2022.
  • Leaks: "Baby Queen" leaked on 23rd September 2022, a week before it was released in the FIFA 23 video game. The full album leaked on 19th February 2023.
  • Unfortunately, there are some errors with the vinyl releases:
    • In the liner notes, Remi Kabaka Jr. is said to have co-produced tracks "3, 4, 5, 9 and 10", but he actually co-produced 1, 2, 7 and 8.
    • Band member picture discs have incorrect track numbering on the hype sticker: "...A3, A4, A5, B2, B3, B4..."
    • Some vinyls have distorted audio on the final track, "Possession Island".
    • Many buyers of Transparent Purple and "Spotify Fans First" editions received wrong color of vinyl. However, the record label and the vinyl manufactorer agreed to replace those.
  • Total running time (excluding the bonus tracks): 37:26

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