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The Good, The Bad & The Queen - new album


Album title: unknown

Estimated release date:
Late 2018 - 2019

Personnel: NEW!

 *  Damon Albarn (vocals)
 *  Paul Simonon (bass)
 *  Simon Tong (guitar)
 *  Tony Allen (drums)

Producer: Tony Visconti


 *  May 2017 (?)
 *  From September 2017

Tracklist / new songs to be included on the album:


" Is he bringing something different? Of course! It's Tony Visconti, it's fucking awesome. And it's the same line-up as last time around."   NEW!

Damon Albarn on 18th October 2017
(source: Q)

" We've got pretty much all the songs and recorded all the backing tracks but I'm just emoting over it at the moment. I can hear what I'm saying kind of, a bit, but it's still a bit unintelligible."

Damon Albarn in late October 2017 (source: Beats 1)

" It's an ode to the North of England, bizarrely. It's sort of set in between Starr Gate and Uncle Tom's Cabin [in Blackpool], if you want to be geographically precise."

Damon Albarn in late October 2017 (source: Beats 1)

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