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Monkey: Journey To The West

An album based on Monkey: Journey To The West opera score

CD cover
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Released: 18 August 2008

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Highest UK Chart Position: 5


CD Cat. No. XLCD 388
Vinyl Box Set "Deluxe" VF001
Ltd Vinyl Box Set "Art" VF002

Other Countries & Formats
US CD Promo XLCD 388
Japanese CD WPCB-10094
Taiwanese CD HN551CD
Digital Download

Record labels:

UK: XL Recordings
US: XL Recordings
Japan: Warner Music Japan
Taiwan: High Note Records

"Flames stop the path to the west..."
- March Of The Iron Army


01. Monkey's World
02. Monkey Travels
03. Into The Eastern Sea
04. The Living Sea
05. The Dragon King
06. Iron Rod
07. Out Of The Eastern Sea
08. Heavenly Peach Banquet
09. Battle In Heaven
10. O Mi To Fu
11. Whisper
12. Tripitaka's Curse
13. Confessions Of A Pig
14. Sandy The River Demon
15. March Of The Volunteers
16. The White Skeleton Demon
17. Monk's Song
18. I Love Buddha
19. March Of The Iron Army
20. Pigsy In Space
21. Monkey Bee
22. Disappearing Volcano

* There are two special box set editions of the album crafted and sold by The Vinyl Factory. The purchase included a digital download of the album.

* "Deluxe" box set contains a 68-page booklet and a poster. The release is sold for 65 and was originally limited to 2500 copies (repressed since then).

* "Art" box set contains six exclusive tracks:

   * 5 Point Star
   * Living Sea Introduction
   * The Dragon Queen
   * Buddha's Palm
   * Monk's Funeral
   * Volcano

Priced at 255 and limited to 2000 copies, "Art" edition features a 80-page hardback book and four art prints (one signed by Jamie Hewlett). The first 500 orders also received a special
Monkey Om Box playing tones composed by Damon Albarn.

* Japanese version features two bonus tracks: "Monkey Bee (Radio Edit)" and "Journey To Beijing".

* Digital download comes with a free digital album booklet and wallpapers when bought through the official Monkey online shop.

Additional releases:

* Monkey Bee Remixes EP was released in late 2008. Also, a CD Promo featuring a radio edit and an album version of "Monkey Bee" was released in the UK.

* Instrumental version of the album was distributed by Chrysalis Music as
CD Promo and US Double CD-R Promo.

* A short film for "Monkey Bee" was released on YouTube.

* Free MP3 downloads: BBC offered their Olympics theme tune ("Journey To Beijing") through their website and "Monkey Bee (Nosaj Thing Remix)" was available from Lincoln Center's SoundCloud in July 2013.

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.


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