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Everyday Robots
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Released: 28 April 2014

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Highest UK Chart Position: 2

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CD Cat. No. 2564633131
Ltd CD+DVD 2564633130
Double Vinyl 2564633129

US CD 541808-2
US Ltd CD+DVD (?) unknown
US Double Vinyl 541808-1

Asian Countries
Japanese CD WPCR-15643
Japanese Ltd CD+DVD WPZR-30530-1
Japanese CD-R Promo PCD-586
Taiwanese CD 2564633131
Taiwanese Ltd CD+DVD 2564633130

Other Countries & Formats
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iTunes "Special Edition"

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone/Warner Music
US: Warner Bros. Records/Warner Music
Japan: Warner Music Japan
Taiwan: Warner Music Taiwan


   01. Everyday Robots
   02. Hostiles
   03. Lonely Press Play
   04. Mr Tembo
   05. Parakeet
   06. The Selfish Giant
   07. You And Me
   08. Hollow Ponds
   09. Seven High
   10. Photographs (You Are Taking
   11. The History Of A Cheating
   12. Heavy Seas Of Love

Bonus DVD contains:

Live from Fox Studios, Los Angeles:

   1. Everyday Robots
   2. Hostiles
   3. Lonely Press Play
   4. Hollow Ponds

Track by track
"Everyday Robots" promo video

* Bonus tracks in the Japanese release are "Electric Fences" and "Father's Daughter's Son".

* iTunes "Special Edition" includes extra tracks "Father's Daughter's Son" and "Empty Club", plus the bonus DVD content and a digital booklet. Pre-orders of this edition featured an immediate download of:

   * Everyday Robots (available from Jan 20)
   * Lonely Press Play (Feb 27)
   * Hollow Ponds (Apr 19)
   * Heavy Seas Of Love (Apr 24)

* Double Vinyl includes a code for the standard download of the album.

* HD download was available initially (until Oct 2016) only from Damon's official webstore and Warner Music Store. This version was 24bit/96kHz while the later released version was only 24bit/44kHz.

Additional releases:

* Singles:
   Everyday Robots
   Lonely Press Play
   Mr Tembo
   Hollow Ponds
   Heavy Seas Of Love

* Live At The De De De Der...

* Remixes on Damon's SoundCloud

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.

  • Everyday Robots is inspired by Damon's experiences from childhood to present. The major theme of the record is nature versus technology; how the modern life has changed the humanity.
  • The album started off back in 2011 with the concept of "a nightclub that nobody goes to". Encouraged by the producer Richard Russell, it then turned into a proper solo record with more personal songs from Damon.
  • "Mr Tembo" is a song Damon sang to an orphaned baby elephant he met on one of his trips to Africa.
  • The seven-minute "You And Me" consists of two songs, "You" and "Me", and is partly about Damon's first experience with heroin.
  • Total running time: 46:39

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