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Think Tank

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Released: 5 May 2003

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Highest UK Chart Position: 1

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CD Cat. No. 582 9972
Ltd CD 582 9970
Double Vinyl 582 9971 (25*)
CD Promo THINK 1 (12)

US CD 724358424201
US Clean/Edited CD 724358424300
US Ltd CD 724358424409

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TOCP-66153
Japanese reissued SHM-CD WPCR-15433
Japanese Cassette Promo unknown
Chinese CD HDCD-050
Korean CD EKPD-1055
Taiwanese CD 724358343427
Malaysian Cassette 583434-4
Asian CD HL-1627

Other Countries & Formats
CD 07243 583434 2 7
Cassette 07243 583434 4 1
Double CD "2CD Originals - Limited Edition"
Download (from 2005)
HD Download (from 2016)

*Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Parlophone/EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
Japan: Toshiba/EMI Records Japan
Japan reissue
: Warner Music Japan
China: Universal
Korea: EMI Records Korea
Taiwan: unknown
Malaysia: EMI Records Malaysia
Asia: Universal
International: Capitol/EMI Records


  Artwork by Banksy
Artwork for the album was done by the controversial graffiti artist Banksy.


   00. Me, White Noise (hidden track
 on CD)
   01. Ambulance
   02. Out Of Time
   03. Crazy Beat
   04. Good Song
   05. On The Way To The Club
   06. Brothers And Sisters
   07. Caravan
   08. We've Got A File On You
   09. Moroccan Peoples
 Revolutionary Bowls Club
   10. Sweet Song
   11. Jets
   12. Gene By Gene
   13. Battery In Your Leg

* Extra track in the Japanese release is "The Outsider".

* Limited edition contains an enhanced section featuring live footage from the MTV show ("Ambulance", "Out Of Time", "Crazy Beat" and "Good Song"), plus a booklet with song ideas and lyrics.

* The US release includes exclusive video clips of the recording of the album.

* Chinese version includes all Leisure tracks (except "Wear Me Down") in MP3 format. Comes in cardboard slipcase.

Korean version has four Blur/Think Tank buttons.

* Taiwanese release comes with  shopping bag with the Banksy designed petrol pump logo and a mini poster.

* Asian version (Cat. No. HL-1627) features seven random Blur: The Best Of tracks.

* Hidden track "Me, White Noise" on the UK CD Promo is Damon's vocal version and it's a bit shorter than the version released as a "Good Song" B-side. (Update: the track is absent on some copies).

* In the UK, HMV released its own version of the regular album with a white card in front. Virgin Megastores issued a set of four badges with initial purchases.

* Double CD ("2CD Originals - Limited Edition") is packaged with 13 album.

* Japanese reissued SHM-CD comes in a mini-LP sleeve and includes the extra tracks "Money Makes Me Crazy (Marrakech Mix)", "Don't Be" and "Morricone".

Bootleg releases: There is an Asian version (Cat. No. VK-1045) that features eight first Blur: The Best Of tracks. All tracks are the leaked MP3 versions. Also, another weird Asian CD contains seven tracks from the boyband Blue (!) as a bonus. Also, the CD labeled as Virgin Records and made in the the UK includes nine random Blur: The Best Of tracks.

Liner notes
Credits inside the album booklet.

Please note: For info on 2012's "Special Edition", see Blur 21.


  • The album was started in November 2001 at 13 studio in London and was finished a year later in a barn on National Trust land in Devon. Recording also took place in Morocco where the band equipped an old barn with a studio (these sessions produced "Crazy Beat", "Gene By Gene" and "Moroccan Peoples Revolutionary Bowls Club").
  • "Battery In Your Leg" is the only track on the album where Graham plays (excluding the bonus track "The Outsider" on the Japanese version). "It's the only thing that when Graham did come back to the studio briefly worked," Damon has said.
  • "Jets" is co-credited to Mike Smith for his saxophone solo and "On The Way To The Club" to James Dring who is one of engineers and Damon's cousin.
  • Actor Phil Daniels appears on "Me, White Noise". The vocals were recorded in Devon late one night when Damon and Phil were both very drunk. The track is hidden strangely before the opening track, "Ambulance".
  • Dave Rowntree plays guitar on "On The Way To The Club".
  • Total running time (UK ver. minus hidden track): 49:13

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