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Released: 10 February 1997

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Highest UK Chart Position: 1

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CD Cat. No. FOODCD 19
Cassette FOODTC 19
Vinyl CFOODLP 19 (30*)
Double Vinyl FOODLPD 19 (35*)
MiniDisc FOODMD 19
Cassette Promo unknown

US CD 42876-2
US Cassette 42876-4
US CD Promo DPRO-12216

Asian Countries
Japanese CD TOCP-50088 (15*)
Japanese CD Reissue TOCP-65993
Japanese CD
Reissue TOCP-53319
Japanese CD
Reissue TOCP-53569
Japanese SHM-CD
Korean CD EKPD-0571
Korean Cassette EKPC-0571

Other Countries & Formats
Australian/New Zealand Cassette 55562-4
Australian/NZ CD 55562-2
Australian/NZ Double CD 21524-2
Australian/NZ Triple CD unknown
Belgian CD + T-Shirt 55562-2
French Ltd Edition unknown
Dutch Double CD unknown
European Ltd Box unknown
South African CD
CDEMCJ (WF) 5707
Double CD "2CD Originals - Limited Edition"

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* Approx. value

Record labels:

UK: Food / EMI Records
US: Virgin Records
Japan: Toshiba / EMI Records Japan
Japan SHM-CD
: Warner Music Japan
Korea: EMI Records Korea
Australia: EMI Records Australia
Belgium: EMI Records
France: EMI Records France
Holland: EMI Records Holland


   01. Beetlebum
   02. Song 2
   03. Country Sad Ballad Man
   04. M.O.R.
   05. On Your Own
   06. Theme From Retro
   07. You're So Great
   08. Death Of A Party
   09. Chinese Bombs
   10. I'm Just A Killer For Your Love
   11. Look Inside America
   12. Strange News From Another
   13. Movin' On
   14. Essex Dogs

* Bonus track in the US and Japanese release is "Dancehall".

* Australian/New Zealand Double CD version has six live tracks from Peel Acres on CD2 (same show as Bustin' + Dronin' CD2). Triple CD version comes with "End Of A Century" single.

* French Limited Edition includes a bonus promo CD
(Cat. No. SPCD-2053; limited to 5,000 copies) with "Dancehall", "All Your Life" and "A Spell (For Money)".

* Dutch Double CD release is packaged with six live tracks recorded in Holland (same show as Blur Live EP).

* European Ltd Box is limited to 3,000 copies and features a sticker, a badge and a keyring.

* Japanese CD Reissue (TOCP-65993) and SHM-CD come in a mini-LP sleeve. SHM-CD includes the extra tracks "All Your Life", "Get Out Of Cities" and "Swallows In The Heatwave".

* Double CD ("2CD Originals - Limited Edition") is packaged with Modern Life Is Rubbish.


Liner notes:

Songs: Albarn, except track 7 song: Coxon.

Music: Albarn, Coxon, James, Rowntree except track 7 music: Coxon.

Produced by Stephen Street, except track 10 produced by Blur.

Engineered by John Smith. Track 10 engineered by Jason Cox.

Recorded in London and Iceland. Track 10 recorded at 13.

Designed at Yacht Associates.

Cover by Tony Stone Images.

Please note: For info on 2012's "Special Edition", see Blur 21.


  • The album was nearly called Five and the nurse on the cover originally sported a halo.
  • The title "Beetlebum" has been subjected to much analysis in newsgroups and forums across the Internet, but it's just a nonsense word according to Damon.
  • Fourth single "M.O.R." stands for Middle Of the Road.
  • "You're So Great" is Blur's first album track completely penned and recorded by one member, Graham.
  • "Death Of A Party" was first demoed in 1992. This version was released to the fan club prior to the version which appears on the album.
  • "I'm Just A Killer For Your Love" was recorded as a test tune at Damon's new studio in London. It was the last track made for the album and originally intended to be a B-side.
  • "Strange News From Another Star" contains a small sample of Icelandic radio at the start.
  • "Essex Dogs" was originally performed by Damon in the Poetry Olympics at the Royal Albert Hall in July 1996. Ray Davies and Patti Smith also read poetry at the event.
  • Total running time (UK ver.): 57:01

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