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Copyright Information


This is an unofficial and non-commercial website with no connection to Blur, their management or record companies.

The website has been designed, built and maintained by Veikko Hynninen. Information and images have been gathered from different sources. If you feel you should be credited for something that appears on the site, please contact Veikko.

Permission to use material on your blog, website etc.

Please note that the majority of the pictures and texts on this site are NOT copyrighted by Veikko's Blur Page. The credit may belong to the photographer or journalist (who in many cases is unfortunately unknown). That's why it's impossible to give you the rights to use this kind of material on your site.

If you want to use material created by Veikko's Blur Page, please mention the source.

If you have any

  • suggestions
  • additional info
  • pictures (missing or better quality cover artwork, setlists etc.)
  • found broken links or errors

then please contact Veikko.

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