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Graham Coxon - Happiness In Magazines
Reviewed by Q, June 2004

coverWorking title: No More Mr Lo-Fi.

As Graham Coxon's mum doubtless told him, if something's worth doing it's worth doing well. Five albums into his half-baked solo career, the ex-Blur guitarist has teamed up with Parklife producer Stephen Street to produce the best Graham Coxon imaginable. Which means, essentially, blazing new wave pop with stupid-genius solos and lyrics about Camden, bad people and TV. Mod-metal single Freakin' Out is the standout, but elsewhere he entertainingly revisits his past. Bottom Bunk is more Blur than Blur; on Hopeless Friend he even rediscovers his inner funkiness. Guitarists' albums often seem embarassingly lost. Certainly not this one.

star star star star  (4/5) Steve Lowe

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