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Veikko's Blur Page is one of the oldest Blur fan sites. It all began in 1998, when the first version of the site surfaced online. This version had about 20 pages (plus funny MIDI files and probably dozens of spelling errors). The domain name, vblurpage.com, was born in 2006 and the present layout was launched in the same year.

Today, with more than 3,000 pages and 5,000 image files, Veikko's Blur Page is the biggest Blur site and perhaps one of the most comprehensive fan sites ever created. The site has around 10,000 visitors per month, making it the most popular Blur site along with the official one.

"Quality over quantity"

Although the site statistics seem pretty high, the motto has always been "keep it simple". For example, there is no point in putting thousands of poor quality pictures or articles to the site. Every information piece that is added gets carefully reviewed to meet the Veikko's Blur Page's standard.

My name is Veikko Hynninen and this site is my labour of love with no commercial gain; I've been a massive Blur fan since 1995, when I was a
pre-teen with The Great Escape fresh in my hands. To find more information about me, please visit my personal homepage.

Past layouts

Veikko's Blur Page in 1998
1998 - Visit the site!

Veikko's Blur Page in 1999-2006

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